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In light of the recent news regarding the vaping epidemic that’s sweeping the country, we are reaching out to inform you of our products ingredients. in every kingpen vape that we manufacture at kingpen, we only add natural terpenes extracted from our Cannabis flower and/or we source the highest quality of naturally extracted terpenes from highly reputable sources.

Each outsourced terpene is accompanied by an MSDS certificate that passes osha standards. We only use terpenes that are found in each unique strain of cannabis at the same ratio that is found in cannabis flower.

Our position at Kingpen has always been and will continue to be that no cut is worth the extra profit. WE DO NOT USE ANY CUTS ( MCT, VG, PG, VITAMIN E ACETATE, OIL THICKENERS, OIL THINNERS, VITAMIN OIL, ETC)

We believe in providing the highest quality product for the best consumer experience.

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